Working hours

Working hours of  “Branka” Flower Shop at Frankopanska Street 3 in Zagreb:

Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 20.00h
Saturday: 8.00 – 15.00h
Sunday: Closed

Orders for the same day are received until 11.00 hours (GMT+1; CET) at the latest, with the delivery carried until 21.00 hours (GMT+1; CET). On Sunday and non-working days (National Holidays) we do not make deliveries!

Flowers and Flower Decorations

All flower arrangements and decorations must be fresh at the time of delivery and must correspond to those specified in the order. Minor variances in the appearance and florist-arranging material are possible; however, the quality of the product will not differ from that featured in the image. Despite all our attempts, we are not in a position to guarantee that the appearance of the product will be identical in all details to that in the photograph because of saisonal characteristics and nature of the plant material. In order to serve you with the best possible quality product, one or more product components might be substituted, but the product will always match the image description both in style and quality.
Please, bear in mind that our products are alive. Therefore, albeit we guarantee to use the best quality plant material, the ‘life’ of the delivered  products depends on the passing nature of the plant material itself and on the care you will provide.
If you have specific desires, ideas and requirements with regard to the appearance of the flower arrangements or delivery, do not hesitate to let us know either by e-mail or telephone.
Also, when ordering please note that we are working only on request, and there are no already finished bouquets, arrangements and wreaths in our flower shop. We make flower arrangements only after you place an order and after we receive confirmation of the payment. In order for flowers to be the best possible quality and fresh, we buy flowers each day, based precisely upon your orders. Therefore, we ask for understanding and some flexibility if your order for the current day is done after 11.00am (GMT + 1, CET).

Text Message

The text of your message has no limits unless it is abusive to the recipient. On delivery, the sender’s details will not be disclosed to the recipient. Your message may, or may not be signed. It is up to you.


We guarantee the prices of the product as valid at the moment of the placing of the order. VAT is not calculated in the prices shown with the products due to Croatian VAT Law Article 90/1.


The product can be ordered electronically, by phone or in person. Electronical ordering is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders are processed from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 – 21.00h, Sundays and holidays only due to prior agreement.
If you want to buy a particular product click on it and select Add to Cart. If you want to buy more than one product repeat the process by adding the selected product to the cart and if you want to finish your purchase  follow the link Buy.
Before each purchase, the Customer is obligated to sign in by using his username and password (if already existing user) or register (if new user). In order to register customer must fill in a form with basic data for billing, and create his username and password. After successful registration / application buyer is required to click on the basket that contains selected product/s (in the upper left corner), and create the delivery address, delivery date and text for a card that will be sent together with flowers. At the very end of the customer selects a payment method, and in case of payment by credit/debit card will access to on-line payment through PayWay (T-Com).
The order will be considered valid only if all of the above information is correct and credible, and if they are in accordance with the terms and conditions and the payment is successfully processed. When you successfully complete the ordering process and payment, notice about it will be sent to your e-mail address, along with the confirmation from T-Com PayWay about the preauthorization of your credit/debit card.
If all data are not entered in full or are not authentic, “Branka” Flower Shop reserves the right to refuse to deliver the product.

Payment methods:

Credit/debit card
Bank transfer
In cash or by American Express credit card at the store.

Online Card Payments

Online payment can be made with the following credit/debit cards only: American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

If you are paying with credit/debit card after a properly completed order, the system will connect you to the T-com PayWay site. PayWay is an online service for the authorization of credit/debit cards via Internet with maximum security. PayWay system offers a secure connection with the authorization centers of credit card companies and authorization of credit/debit cards. All of the data of all participants in the process of buying over the Internet are protected with the special safety system protocols.

Credit/Debit Cards and Safety of PaymentsOur secure online payment services are provided by T-com Pay Way, Croatia’s leading Internet payment gateway.

The privacy of your data is ensured. T-com Pay Way uses Secure Socet Layer protocol (SSL) and 128-byte encryption technology which ensures security of transmitted data. The SSL protocol provides a reliable end-to-end secure and authenticated connection between the service client, you, and the server, T-com Pay Way.
T-com Pay Way and credit card companies exchange data through Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is protected from unauthorized access and cannot be accessed from the Internet.
“Branka” Flower Shop do not save credit card numbers nor do any of our employees have access to them.
Payment by Bank TransferFor the realization of orders paid by bank transfer, it is mandatory to confirm an order by phone +385997059029 or by an e-mail . After we receive your order, we expect from you to make a payment (in the post office, bank  or with the Internet banking) and send us a copy/confirmation about the payment to our e-mail address: Please note that the realization of orders paid by bank transfer is possible only for the next business day.
Data for Payments to our Bank Account (Transaction Account):Recipient:
“Branka” Flower Shop, Frankopanska Street 3,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
IBAN numbers: HR1923600001100722466 (SWIFT/BIC: ZABAHR2X) or
HR8823400091160269771 (SWIFT/BIC: PBZGHR2X)
ITI number: 34221806334
Payment description: per Internet offer –  the name of the selected product and its size.
Reference number: Enter the date of desired delivery, for example 24072018.
Cash Payment
You can order a delivery of flowers or pick up the ordered product during our opening hours in Frankopanska Street No.3, and pay in cash (or with American Express credit card).
We undertake to process your order and deliver the product in a timely manner and expect of you to comply with our requirements and provide us full, accurate and true information about the recipient of flowers and make the  payment for the product/service before sending flowers.

Taking Orders

By 11.00 hours (GMT + 1, CET) for delivery the same day, but it is also possible to order flowers even up to 7 days in advance.

Orders in the days of the increased scope of work (14.2., 8.3. and 31.10.) will be accepted final with the previous working day. In order to place an order/order flowers on that days it is necessary to check the possibility of ordering by phone.

We reserve the right of cancellation of order and payment, if the order is not in accordance with our Terms of use. If “Branka” Flower Shop was not able to deliver any of the ordered products, we will contact and inform the Customer by phone or e-mail for the possible purchase of a replacement product or cancellation of the order.

When ordering wreaths, funeral and grave flowers, we kindly ask you to confirm the order by telephone for the purpose of a more detailed arrangement.

Wedding flower arrangements and decorations are received exclusively in “Branka” Flower Shop.

All the information about your order status may be obtained either by telephone or e-mail.

Time and Area of DeliveryThe product is delivered to the recipient’s address on the day indicated for the order. That is, all orders received before 11.00 hours (GMT+1; CET) on weekdays, and whose selected delivery date  is current business day will be shipped the same business day. Orders received after 11.00 hours (GMT+1; CET) on weekdays, and whose selected date is current business day will be shipped the same or next working day, depending on availability of flowers. Orders received during weekend or National Holidays will be delivered first working day.

We deliver six days a week (Mon – Sat from 8.00 till 21.00 hours (GMT+1; CET)). We do not deliver on Sundays and official National holidays (1.1., 6.1., 16.4., 17.4., 1.5., 15.6., 22.6., 25.6., 5.8., 15.8., 8.10., 1.11., 25.12. and 26.12.)Customers are expected to allow a 3-hour window for delivery, while in the days of increased scope of work (14.2., 8.3. and 31.10.), there is no time limit for the flower delivery.

IMPORTANT! On Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb because of the increased volume of work and due to expected large number of orders unfortunately we can not guarantee the exact time of delivery, however we undertake to deliver the flowers during the day specified for delivery.

Orders for Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb) will be accepted final with the previous working day 13th of Feb. On Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb) orders received before noon will be delivered in the afternoon or evening hours.The area in which we deliver is City of Zagreb and Zagreb county. Delivery of flowers outside of this area is possible, but details of such delivery (location, price and other necessary details) shall be agreed up to a few days in advance, only by telephone.
Delivery Conditions in City of Zagreb and Zagreb CountyDelivery within the wider city center of Zagreb, together with VAT are included in price shown with the product. Delivery on peripheral parts of the city of Zagreb, and to other places and towns in Zagreb County is charged extra. Once when the Customer filling out online order form selects the desired city/place of delivery, the price of delivery will automatically be added to the price of the product.

Prior to placing an order, please make sure:

  •      That the first and last name and the address of the recipient are  complete and accurate
  •      That the recipient is at the given address at the time indicated for delivery.

Flowers are delivered to the desired recipient’s address. The recipient is either person for whom the flowers are intended, or a person willing to take over the flowers on behalf of the recipient. The products are delivered in the working hours of delivery, with the announcement  to the recipient of the flowers, and in the time when it suits best to the recipient. We  never reveal the name of our Customer to the recipient of flowers.

The Customer is expected to be available on the telephone at the time indicated for delivery to enable us to contact him/her in the event of possible problems with delivery.

Delivery to Offices, Hotels, HospitalsAdditional data will be required for delivery to the below-said institutions.
Offices: accurate name of the company, its address and business hours.
Hotels: the name and the adress, the telephone number and the room number.
Hospitals: the name and the address, the number or the name of the ward, and the room number.Please bear in mind that the signature of a receptionist will be considered the proof of the delivery.Carrying out deliveryA delivery will be considered as completed when the recipient or a person at the recipient’s address signs the delivery note.We shall do our utmost to deliver the product. However, if we are unable to deliver it in the four cases listed below, we shall consider delivery to be completed:

  •     The recipient refuses to accept the product
  •     The recipient’s address or data are inaccurate
  •     The recipient is not at the indicated address at the given time
  •     Force majeure

In the first three cases, we will advise the Customer of the incurred situation. In the event of the force majeure the delivery will be considered as completed.

Procedure in the Event when the Recipient is not at the Given Address The “Branka” Flower Shop is not responsible for the failing delivery if the recipient is not at the given address at the time indicated for it.
If problems occur during delivery, the procedure is as follows:
We will get in touch with the Customer either by telephone or e-mail (given at registration) in the event that:

  • The recipient does not exist at the indicated address (the address is correct, but the recipient is not at it, or the address does not exist).

– If the new address given over the telephone is within the area of 100 m – the delivery will be carried out;
– If the new address given over the telephone is not within the area of 100 m, the delivery will be considered as carried out;
– If the Customer does not respond to the call or is unavailable within 10 minutes, the delivery will be considered as carried out.

  • The recipient refuses to take the ordered products. They are then left in front of the recipient’s door, and the delivery is considered to be completed.
  • The recipient is not at the given address at the time of delivery. The products will be left with the neighbour and a note about it in the recipient’s letter-box.

Cancellation of OrdersThe cancellation of an order is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act. The order can be cancelled ONLY prior to the commencement of the preparation of the product.

The preparation of the product commences at the time of purchase of flowers and plant material for a specific order.
“Branka” Flower Shop reserves the right to cancel the order with prior notice to the Customer.
ComplaintsIn the event that, for some reason, you are dissatisfied with our product or service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately.
A customer is entitled to place a complaint if:
– The ordered products are not delivered in accordance with the order instructions;
– The delivered products do not correspond to those specified in the order;
– The quality of delivered products does not meet the standards.”Branka” Flower Shop undertakes to resolve all complaints in agreement with the Customer and/or recipient.In compliance with Article 8 paragraph 2 of the Consumer Protection Act, we herewith advise the customers that the complaints concerning the quality of our services may be submitted in writing to the following address:
“Branka” Flower Shop, Frankopanska Street 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
or to our e-mail address:
We shall respond to your complaint in writing 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint at the latest.
Statement on Protection and Collection of Personal Data and on their Usage”Branka” Flower Shop undertakes to ensure protection of customers’/clients’ personal data in such a manner that only those basic data shall be required which are needed for the meeting of our obligations. We advise our customers of the manner of usage of the collected data. They can freely decide whether they want their name to be included in our marketing campaign list. All customers’ personal details are carefully safeguarded and accessible by those members of  our team only who need them to perform their duties. All team members of the “Branka” Flower Shop and all  business partners are bound to observe the principles of privacy protection.
Statement on the protection and collection of personal data and their use

“Branka” flower shop provides protection to customers personal data, in such a way that it collects only necessary, basic data about customers/users that are necessary for the fulfillment of our obligations. All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to perform their work. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection. Our data collection officer is Branka Kralj.

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