White Orchid Plant in a Pot #180

35.00  (263.71 kn)

VAT included in price.

White Phalenopsis Orchid plant in a decorative pot.

MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS: Orchids are plants that require a lot of light, and are most suitable for windows on the east side. The leaves on the plant should be olive green. If they are darker – it is a sign that the plant does not get enough light, while reddish leaves say that the plant has too much light. Phalenopsis needs to be watered once a week, best early in the morning, with lukewarm water. While watering, make sure that all the water from the pot is drained, otherwise rotting of the plant roots can occur. The best temperatures for this plant are from 15 to 30°C, oscillating temperatures can cause falling of the buds, and too little light can prevent the plant from blossoming.

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