Modern Style

  • A wreath made of red roses with ivy #374

    160.00  (1,205.52 kn) 200.00  (1,506.90 kn)
    An elegant wreath of beautiful red roses and seasonal greenery will satisfy each taste. * The picture shows a wreath - deluxe.
  • Arrangement of colorful seasonal flowers with greenery.
  • Arrangement of Pink Flowers #330

    50.00  (376.73 kn) 75.00  (565.09 kn)
    The arrangement consists of roses, hydrangeas and seasonal greenery. * At the picture is S bouquet * Please note - Due to seasonal characteristics and the nature of plant material, flowers and greenery unavailable at the time of order will be replaced with others of the same aesthetic value and quality, and therefore the delivered bouquet may differ from the one in the picture. thank you for understanding
  • Beige Orange Wreath #362

    133.00  (1,002.09 kn) 199.00  (1,499.37 kn)
  • Colorful Filled Wreath #363

    80.00  (602.76 kn) 133.00  (1,002.09 kn)
  • Colorful Wreath #365

    160.00  (1,205.52 kn) 250.00  (1,883.63 kn)
    Modern wreath made of pink, purple and white flowers, enriched with seasonal greenery. Wreath is available in three variants; small, medium and large, please check out options below. Please bear in mind - Wreath in both variants is of the same dimensions, approx. 60 cm, and the difference is in the density/amount of flowers in the wreath. *At the photo is shown Modern Colorful Wreath – medium.
  • Elongated White Wreath #376

    93.00  (700.71 kn) 146.00  (1,100.04 kn)
    Modern elongated wreath consists of white roses, lillies, anthuriums and other seasonal flowers and greenery.
  • Little Pink Green Wreath #361

    46.00  (346.59 kn) 66.00  (497.28 kn)
  • Modern White Wreath #380

    133.00  (1,002.09 kn) 199.00  (1,499.37 kn)
    Modern wreath made of beautiful roses in shades of white, lillies, seasonal flowers and greenery.
  • Purple Wreath #373

    160.00  (1,205.52 kn) 220.00  (1,657.59 kn)
    Modern wreath consists of purple roses and seasonal greenery.
  • Red and green Wreath #375

    93.00  (700.71 kn) 133.00  (1,002.09 kn)
    The wreath consists of red roses, anthuriums and greenery, as well as a decorative ribbon in the appropriate color. The wreath is available in two variants: small and large, please see the options. The wreath in both variants has the same dimensions, approx. 80 cm, and the difference is in the density/quantity of flowers in the wreath. *The picture shows the Big Red Green Wreath.
  • Seasonal Wreath #379

    60.00  (452.07 kn) 93.00  (700.71 kn)
    Can not decide? Let us choose for you...


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