Flowers for office and home

  • Four gorgeous white orchids in a pot. White Phalaenopsis orchids are popular as indoor plants because of their attractiveness and minimal maintenance. They prefer moderate humidity and do not require frequent watering, and they do best in well-lit rooms, not exposed to direct light. White Phalaenopsis orchids bloom up to twice a year, are versatile and can fit into any style of decoration. Thanks to their luxurious, elegant flowers, they look effective even in a simple, minimalist container, and they can also be displayed in a decorative container to add a touch of luxury to the space.
  • Anthuriums in Vase #104

    75.00 105.00 
    A beautiful anthurium in a vase, an attractive flower that will attract everyone's attention. Anthuriums in a vase are available in green, red, white and pink color, and need to be ordered a day before. Please select the desired color when ordering. The Anthuriums are approximately 40-50 cm tall. They can be ordered in three variants S (small) 7 pcs., M (medium) 9 pcs., L (large) 11 pcs. *They are delivered in a transparent glass vase. *Picture shows seven anthuriums in a vase.
  • White Phalenopsis Orchid plant in a decorative pot. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS: Orchids are plants that require a lot of light, and are most suitable for windows on the east side. The leaves on the plant should be olive green. If they are darker - it is a sign that the plant does not get enough light, while reddish leaves say that the plant has too much light. Phalenopsis needs to be watered once a week, best early in the morning, with lukewarm water. While watering, make sure that all the water from the pot is drained, otherwise rotting of the plant roots can occur. The best temperatures for this plant are from 15 to 30°C, oscillating temperatures can cause falling of the buds, and too little light can prevent the plant from blossoming.
  • White Lillies in a Vase #181

    50.00 92.00 
    Lillies are long-lasting, they smell nice and everyone notices them. Lillies by tradition send a positive message to a person who receives flowers.
  • White Flowers in a Vase #203

    60.00 85.00 
    In addition to white roses, the bouquet includes white hydrangea and other seasonal flowers. *The picture shows a deluxe bouquet
  • Red Roses in Vase #106

    66.00 335.00 
    Beautiful velvety red roses..will turn an ordinary day into a special one! * The picture shows an arrangement of Red Roses in a vase - 101 roses.
  • Red Tulips in a Vase #105

    60.00 78.00 
    Beautiful red tulips will bring the sparkle and brightness in each space. The red tulips in the vase come in two variants, please see the options. * The picture shows an arrangement of Red tulips in a vase - 21 tulips. Please note - the color of the tulip may differ slightly from the color shown in the picture.  
  • Gorgeous and cheerful tulip colors will bring spring into your home or office. *25 tulips are in a vase.  
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