Custom made floral arangements and bouquets Zagreb

Dear users of the “Branka” Flower Shop if you haven’t found what you were looking for in our virtual shop window, we are ready  to create an exclusive product for you according to your wishes. If you would like to change color, type or amount of flowers in one of the products that you have seen in our virtual shop or if you have your own ideas and suggestions, please contact us with confidence. We’ll do everything in our power to create floral designs from your dreams.

Also, according to your wish:

We can decorate your working place. According to your request we deliver flowers to your office,agency or ordination daily/weekly/monthly.

Using flowers and flower decorations we design the look of larger spaces like congress centers, hotels, casinos, restaurants and/or pubs.

We decorate last resting places of your dearest ones in the area of the City of Zagreb (Mirogoj, Krematorij, Miroševac…). If you are unable to maintain the graves of your deceased and would like their resting place to be permanently neat, we can make that happen. Services we offer include regular visits to the grave, preparing and setting up flower arrangements, lighting up candles on a particular day and removing all types of remains from the grave. We document each visit before and after the arranging and send the photos to your e-mail. Price list for our services and all the other information connected to this subject you may request via our contact phone or e-mail.

IMPORTANT! On Valentine’s Day 14th of Feb because of the increased volume of work and due to expected large number of orders unfortunately we can not guarantee the exact time of delivery, however we undertake to deliver the flowers during the day specified for delivery.

Orders for Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb) will be accepted final with the previous working day 13th of Feb. On Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb) orders received before noon will be delivered in the afternoon or evening hours.

The area in which we deliver is City of Zagreb and Zagreb county. Delivery of flowers outside of this area is possible, but details of such delivery (location, price and other necessary details) shall be agreed up to a few days in advance and only by telephone.